The 21st century marks a new age for learning. With that, education needs to update to the newest version. Best practices are constantly changing and they need to start reflecting our students and the environment they are entering after school. This post will outline 4 of my most recommended routine changes you can make in your classroom.
  • Mobile Access
    • You as the teacher need to model and be prepared 24/7. Using a browser like Chrome allows you bookmarks and passwords to travel between your mobile devices, and any computer you sign into. Preparing your cell phone or iPad with the apps you use in class also provides you a backup to respond to students' work or questions in a very reasonable time. Providing your students other channels for communication such as Twitter, Remind, are also good recommendations to be able to provide assistance to your students from anywhere. 
  • Independent, Differentiated Learning
    • There are countless options today that allow you to create differentiated lessons that you can tailor to any device. Curriculum today needs to reflect a model where all learners are provided curriculum at their levels and the flexibility of using this on different devices.
  • Teach Workflow
    • Workflow is the process you use when you work between multiple apps and/or devices. Teaching your students how to do this will help them not only be a better user of technology in general, but help them with their metacognition and self efficacy. Students who are taught workflow will be more well rounded, independent learners through this process.
  • Create Portals
    • By portals I am referring to the internet. Creating QR code shortcuts or tinyurl's cut down time for your students while reducing the error rate. Frustration will be lessened at an exponential rate if you make a habit of creating portals.