Amazon Echo is an amazing tool that will fundamentally change our lives at home. This device is available for just $180 making it one of the most affordable control devices in the world. The fact that this tool integrates with Amazon will make shopping, cooking, and house maintenance as easy as asking for it.

Although this tool is designed to be used at home, imagine if this were in your classroom. How would it make a change in your classroom environment? What things would you ask for?

Possible uses in Education:
  • Listening Centers
  • Inquiry Stations
  • Secretarial Work
  • Read alouds
  • Pair mobile devices for on the fly commands
  • Dictation tasks (its always listening)
With Some Re-tweaking
  • An Intervention Monitor - it's always listening, so why not alert the teacher on their mobile app when distress or questions arise in students. Teaching efficency can increase 10 fold with a tool that monitors these items.
  • Curriculum Provider - each student can check in to it and be provided a task. Differentiated reading levels, tasks, and other content can then be spit back to the student on the mobile app