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American Panorama is a fantastic cutting edge website that takes the most interactive mapping tools, and combines it with history. Like Chronas, this tool is breaking the norm for the types of learning environments that students should be spending time on. This tool as released in 2015, and will continue to break the norm!

This website offers some amazing data displays. You as the user can toggle on and off filters, views, and readings. The data is extremely helpful for all types of research or to help student visualize what actually happened in history. On top of the information, there are personal narratives embedded in the map. These help students to personalize the stories. 

Currently, this website has four robust maps that take you back into American history. They are:
My personal favorite part of this website is the ending paragraph :

"American Panorama is an ongoing project. In the coming months we'll be adding maps on redlining during the Great Depression, on urban renewal in postwar America, on presidential voting—with more to come after that."

Tools like this are going to pop up more and more as education takes hold of the interactivity that technology offers.