The gadget you added is not valid is a fantastic video conferencing tool. It is a free service that works almost identically to Google Hangouts. There are many benefits to using a tool like this in your classroom, especially when it comes to distance learning. This post will highlight the tool, and some of the most innovative ways that it can be used.

The Tool
  • Share by just copying and pasting the link. You can reopen it at any time
  • You can have up to 8 participants
  • You can share your entire computer screen, or just your video window
  • You can chat along side the video window, allowing you to pass links and content through a text medium
  • There are mobile apps allowing this to go anywhere, at anytime!
  • Notifications allow you to know if someone entered the room, it chatting, or needs help!
Innovative Ways
All of these options come with some coaching. It is important for students to know how to respectfully interact when you are not there to supervise. A digital sign off for items like this would also be a good failsafe as a teacher. 
  • Create rooms for students to connect outside of school
  • Create a tutoring room that is open after school hours
  • Host a connection day, where rooms are connected throughout the district's buildings
  • Build a link to a tutoring room, and paste it as a QR code on a worksheet for assistance outside of school
  • As a specialist, we use this room to answer quick questions and tutorials for staff, and ourselves
  • Open a portal in the hallway to another class, in another country. Allow for innovative interactions
  • "Skype" with experts in the field. Bring the outside into your classroom
  • Re-design staff meetings, PD sessions, and your classroom with online portals!!!