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Google Drive is hands down my favorite cloud storage space. The basic account gives you 15 GB of storage and most GAFE districts have 30 or more GB of storage! Like most school districts, my district has apple products. We have iPads, Mac, Computers, and miscellaneous handheld"i" devices. These devices are fantastic tools for learning, but have file types that do not like to play nice with Google Drive. Unlike Dropbox and OneDrive, Google Drive does not have an open in option for apple products. This is understandable as they are competing companies. This post will show you how to still use Google Drive for all of your apple files.

First, lets go over the file types I am talking about:
  • Pages App = .pages, .epub
  • iBooks Author = .epub, .ibooks
  • Numbers = .numbers
  • Keynote = .key
Here is the process you take:
  1. Make sure your files are uploaded
    • If you have Drive Downloaded, you can easily directly save to Drive
  2. Find the file you want to share
  3. Change the share permissions to, Anyone with a link can view
  4. Pop out the preview
  5. Click on download
  6. Here is where you need fast fingers. After you click download, the link will change to a download link
  8. This link can be pasted on your LMS, converted into a QR code, or shortened
  9. Once students access the link, they will be prompted to open the file in the apple product!!