I just came across this awesome tool! AppSheet is a website and an add on for both Google Sheets and Google Forms. Being an add on is what changed this already great tool, into something magnificent! This post will outline what I discovered and share some ideas of how this can be used in schools.

I first stumbled across AppSheet as an add on for a form. The pitch was that it could take all of the questions on a Google Form, and make it into an App. It does this, but it does it even better. My challenge was to create a form that had location built into it. While I know there are some fancy API scripts that can do this, I don't have time to waste learning how to write these. So, I quickly created a form that simply asked two questions. What do you see, and what is your location. 

From here, I clicked Launch on the App Sheet add on and, shazam! Since location was tagged as a question, the mobile app automatically inputs the GPS coordinates. Since we were using mobile devices, the location services did all the work. This simple conversion made a fundamental change in the way we go about location identification! 

After I found this out, I dug into the tool more. It also has an add on for Google Sheets. You can use a set of data you already have, or build your own set of data to customize your own app. The syncing option gives you a live look at your app making editing easy, and code free! The possibilities of this tool are endless, so I encourage you to explore the list below and possibly come up with your own uses!

Here are some possible uses for AppSheet in Education:
  1. Classroom Contact List to push to parents
  2. Homework list for both parents and students
  3. Staff Meeting Agendas
  4. Any Curriculum that uses many images
  5. Digitizing your Classroom!
  6. Learning Centers now become an App!!
  7. PD scripts can be sent out digitally
  8. Google Forms are fundamentally changed
  9. Handbooks - Technology, Emergency, Back to School...
  10. The distribution of differentiated curriculum could not be easier