autoCrat is a Google Sheets add-on that will make communication much easier in your classroom. This tool can connect Google Forms, with a template, and a summary that will be send through an email! Imagine not ever writing a script, or never sending emails, or sharing with students, instead, autoCrat takes all of these steps does them for you.

Before you dive in, here are some ideas for how to use this to help inspire you to read on!!
  • Daily Weather page for your school slideshow
  • Daily report for parents on their childs academics
  • Behavior reports automatically sent to parents, administrators, and you retain a copy!!
  • Office uses are almost endless!
  • Observation forms
  • Formal sign-offs (technology or imagery)
  • Reading logs
  • MCA test preparation summary to parents and teacher
  • Field Trips
  • School fees, Media, Parking, Lunch...
  • Specialists itinerary for the week (for signing out technology or building tools)
  • Building requests (funding, maintenance...)
  • Goal write ups!

Here is how I recommend you get started:
  1. Go to Google Drive, you will need to create three separate items
  2. Create a Google Form
  3. Create a Google Document that will contain the scores, or the information you would like to be sent out to students. I would title it with the word TEMPLATE so you can identify it.
    1. Within that document, add in tags (ex. <<studentname>>)
    2. These will automatically be changed when the form is completed and filled in with the correct field. Be sure you collect any "tagged" information in your Google Form!!
  4. Create a Google Drive folder to house all of the Google Documents that are generated when students fill out the form
At this point you should have 4 items made:
  • The Google Form
  • The Google Form Responses (automatically generated)
  • The Google Document TEMPLATE
  • The Google Drive Folder
  1. Open the Google Form Responses document
  2. Click on Add-on's and select get add-on's
  3. Type in autoCrat

  1. Go back to Add-on's and Launch autoCrat

  1. Click on New Merge Job
  2. It will ask you to choose a template. This is where you will choose the Google Document Template you generated earlier.
  3. Next it will ask you for merge tags. It will automatically identify the tags in your document. All you need to do is align them with the correct response from your Google Form.
The final page is a bit tricky:

  • Feel free to add in tags (keep in mind you must have a question for this in your Google Form) to help organize such as $studentsfirstname $timestamp

  • You have two options, choose what best fits your situation

  • Including a tag in the delivery section will automatically feed this email and the attached document to the student or parent. Choose the options that best fit you. The email will come out in a line without paragraph breaks so do not get to lengthy in that section.

  • Click on Add Folder and choose the Google Drive folder you have designated for student responses. Finally click on the checkbox for Run autoCrat when new forms are submitted. This will automate the entire process!