We as an educational system need to stop saying "we need to build 21st century skills" or "we need to prepare our students for the 21st century". It is 2015, we are pretty far into the 21st century. We as educators need to stop making excuses for not building these skills today and make a change. We need to start preparing students for THEIR future and not OUR past. These words have been heard over and over again and I am here to tell you it is possible. Here is what I recommend we start with!

Mobile Devices
  • STOP the linear tasks (don't let the app replace you as a teacher!)
  • Use them as Creation Tools
    • Embed creation apps into authentic tasks that are standard driven and curriculum focused
  • Diverse Opportunities
    • Allow for student choice when showcasing their learning
Flexible Tasks
  • Allow for students to take their own spin
  • Support new questions
  • Keep interest at the core
    • Engagement = Increased Learning
Learning Opportunities
  • Learning does not only occur from Monday - Friday, 7:30-3:30 
  • Use Schoology
Make it REAL
  • Teach in Context
    • Teaching math for the sake of math is not going to work for all kids
  • Create team based assignments
    • Mimic what the workforce is today. Collaboration skills are a necessity
    • The workforce does not give worksheets in exchange for a paycheck
  • Focus on Large problems
    • This allows for authentic ideas
  • Build in Collaborators
    • The outside world is far too accessible to not let them in!