We all know that our world is changing. This change can be defined in many ways. Some would classify it as a change in our environment. Since our environment is changing, we must see the world through a different lens. Some would say that the makeup of our personalities is changing. We are reliant on technology and connection to the world and without this, we are lost.

Diagnosis: The number of children diagnosed with ADHD has increased 66% since 2000! This is an alarming number and I believe that it is not due to a change in our kids. Our world moves at lightning speed. Kids are used to this pace. They are able to manage multi input controllers, while communicating with their peers online, and are still able to answer the question "what do you want for dinner"? This lightning speed is something that is engrained in their personalities and is carried with them to school. Our schools are the issue, they are too slow. Think about how many times you stood in front of your class to start a lecture and instantly lost a percentage of the kids. Instead, provide technology infused lessons that are interest based, and differentiated for each of your students! The answer is simpler than you think.

Solution: In a simplified word, choice! This is the number one way to hook your students and provide them that tools they need academically and socially. There are far too many ways to create choice in your daily work to begin to narrow the focus into one. Take advantage of technology. Google offers you the ability to have instantly saved, infinite possible learning menus that you can distribute and retract with just a click. With that being said, what do you put on these menu's? I have done some of that work for you and demonstrate some clear examples of types of menus you can create for your students.
Next Steps: Get started and start small! There are thousands of teachers today who are doing these things on a daily basis, get to know them. Find them in your building, in your district, or even on social networks. Learn how they do things and try it on your own. The biggest disservice that you can do after reading this post is say, "I don't have time for that". All that is saying is that you don't have time to give each student what they need to learn. Sounds like quality teaching to me.