Chromebooks are great devices that are embedding their way into many classrooms. This tool can seem one directional however, there are some tricks to increase the workflow of this tool. This post will outline the steps needed to utilize QR codes with your Chromebooks.

One of the greatest features of the iPad is the ability to scan a QR code and get to a URL or location very fast. Without typing in a URL, the speed of navigation increases and the frustration of mistyping is gone. This same feature can be brought to Chromebooks by downloading two specific extensions.

This extension allows for you to click on it, and create a shortened URL or a QR code. Clicking on it will give you a shortened URL and if you click on the QR code, it will copy to your clipboard allowing for you to paste it into a document. As a teacher, you can instantly get a QR code that your students can scan to get to the location that you are already on.

This extension is a game changer for Chromebooks. Clicking on it creates a QR code just like Shorten Me does but this extension has another great feature. There is a Scan a QR Code button on this when you click on it. Clicking this will use the Chromebooks camera to look for a code. Students can hold up a paper QR code or point it at the projector screen to scan the code you put up.

Decreasing the amount of time spent navigating the internet and the mistakes that can take place will create a positive, an innovative learning space in your classroom. Use these tools to do just that in your room.