Since the dawn of EdTech, choosing the correct device is a challenge for any school district. Each company boasts having the best educational tool for the job. Arguably the two most popular tools available would be Chromebooks and iPads. These two devices have been fighting this battle for a long time and will continue to try to gain dominance. This post will outline some of my opinions when it comes to these devices in a cart setting, not a 1 to 1 setting!

  • Benefits
    • Signing On - Once you sign into a Chromebook, you instantly have access to all of your Google Apps for Education products. This saves time and headaches.
    • Keyboard - Having this available is something that makes using this feel better for many. Personally, I feel that students don't mind not having a keyboard, it is a teacher preference.
    • Feel - It is a laptop so students typically treat them more carefully and use them with more caution than an iPad.
    • Storage - All information is stored in Google Drive making this accessible anywhere, anytime! 
  • Downfalls
    • Breakable - Repairs for Chrombooks seem to be 2-3 times higher than with iPad's. Now this also depends on the case and how much they are being used, but this is in my experience.
    • Fairly Linear - With a Chomebook, there is not a ton of freedom to create. I am not saying it is not possible, but you must know what to look for in the play store. It is hard to move up the SAMR model with this tool.

  • Benefits
    • Creativity - There is nothing that compares with the iPads ability to create authentic content.
    • Feel - Students of all ages know, and enjoy holding this device. I would be sure to invest in appropriate cases to protect them for students of all ages. 
    • Size - Having the ability to be quickly dropped into a backpack and be safe in that space is a huge benefit. Students today don't slow down to make sure their "school device" is perfectly safe.
    • Share - AirPlay and AirDrop makes this tool superior when it comes to sharing compared to the Chromebook.
  • Downfalls
    • Signing On - You need to take time teaching your students how, and when to sign onto these devices. It takes creativity and planning to work around these systems, but it is possible do to.