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Chronas is a history project linking Wikipedia and Wikidata with a chronological and cartographical view. This is a huge step in a direction that very few webtools choose to go. Using 3rd party sources to develop and design data for your website is radical, and in my mind, a game changer! 

Chronas is still in BETA phase, which means it will only get better. The original design of this website was to create a Google Maps type of interactive tool, that allows you to zoom back and forth throughout history. At its current state, this website gives students a fantastic tool to jump back and forth through the history of Europe and Asia. There are many conversations that I can think up in my head focused around this tool in your classroom.

The next step for this website is to create open source editing. The author, Dietmar Aumann, has a desire to do this and is working on making it possible. Once this is done, members will have access to change, update, correct, and feed information into this website just as they can in Wikipedia. I am very excited to show this to you and hope that you can all see the potential that this website holds for learning.