1 to 1 devices is an initiative that is sweeping the nation. Schools are searching for ways to get 21st century learning occurring more often and help to streamline the school system. This post will outline some basic classroom management tips and tricks and provide some creative ways you can change up your management.

Letting go of control can be the hardest aspect of 1 to 1 devices. You will never be more interesting or as cool as an iPad, no matter how hard you try. This is OK, it is a normal part of a 1 to 1 initiative.

With any large change in life, there will be growing pains. It will take time for you to establish new routines, and how to address new issues in your classroom. This evolution is normal, every teacher who hosts a 1 to 1 classroom goes through these phases. The biggest and most essential component of classroom management with 1 to 1 devices is the fact that you are in control. You decide what happens in your classroom and you decide how these tools are used. Your building may have norms or a policy for dealing with issues, but anything that does not fit into these categories is up to you.

Methods that have been successful:
  • Physical placement - Screens down, under desk, on the table
  • Dimmed lights - Games are very bright, watch students' faces
  • History Clear- Have students clear history upon entering your room, check students by double clicking the home button to see what apps they were on
  • Flipped Worktime- Students do their work with their backs to you, you can screen look
  • Embed Gamification- Students "level up" their behavior to earn more privileges
  • Inform Parents- Create a friendly, yet informative email to parents that you send any time their child is not following device policy. Create it as an auto-fill to save time
  • Redirect their Engagement- Use back channels, or collaborative spaces during work time
  • Show what you Know- Provide them time to be awesome with no bounds. Highlight your ability to share power!
  • Room Rearrangment- Consider rows, back facing desks, or outward facing desks
  • Build them into your room- Adapt student jobs, adapt classroom rules, set new rountines
  • Usage- not every task is best done on a device. Put them away if you don't need them, or don't feel comfortable using them for a given task