Online environments are great places to learn. Students have access to these spaces from anywhere, at any time. Teachers are taking advantage of this to extend their learning environment beyond the walls of the school. This post will outline my top two collaborative drawing spaces. 

Sync Space - This is available only as an app. This is a limitless drawing space! It has the same feel as prezi in that you can zoom in virtually to any extent then add your drawings. Users collaborate on one canvas to create a one of a kind environment. There are many sharing options to get this canvas where you want it to go. Teachers and students will experience a freedom in this tool like they have never before.

FlockDraw - This is available as a website and as an app. The website is flash based website so it will not work on iPads, however it works wonderfully on chromebooks. The app obviously works great on the iPads. This is a no-sign in site where you can create a collaborative canvas in just two clicks! Unlimited users can view the creation being made, but just 10 can edit it at one time. We played a great get to know you game where students were scanned codes to collaborate with another friend, then had to draw their interests and guess who their buddy was.