Who doesn't love LEGO's. These timeless toys take you way back to the times when you would create a world all your own, and then later enjoy a PBJ on the back porch with double strong kool-aid. This post will transport you back to those days with some fun ways that LEGO has infused itself into technology today.

Chrome Apps
LEGO builder is a blank space for creation. Drag and drop any brick into place to create a masterpiece in minutes. Share out your creation or see what others have created. All of these models come out in 3D format, allowing you to see all angles of your design. Like your friend's creation to help it gain popularity!  See an example below.
Build with Chrome incorporates mapping with LEGO's. You have the option to sign into Google+ before you begin creating. From there, your creation will be tagged with your profile and incorporate your location. Just like LEGO Builder, this is a blank canvas. Zooming in on the map reveals the LEGO world you have been dreaming of. Visit historical sites to see how people have replicated the great works of art.

Chrome Extensions
The applicability of this extension hinges on one question. Did you like the LEGO movie? If you didn't, steer clear. This extension lets you play the ever famous "Everything is Awesome!" song every time you click it. Switch up break time by playing this or use it to cheer up an unhappy kiddo!

This extension may not make it into students hands anytime soon as a learning extension, but a teacher might find it enjoyable. Take a break today with Thor LEGO adventures. It plays just as if you were using a game console. 

Chrome Themes

If you really, really like LEGO figures, this may be the theme for you. It is very simple and to the point. LEGO figures, colored like the rainbow, are on a black background. Change up your daily display for LEGO days!

iPad Apps
There are far to many LEGO related apps to go through them all. I will point out two of my favorites!

LEGO movie maker is one of my favorite apps. Not only because you get to see LEGO's all over it, but because of its use. This app is a FREE stop motion animation app that gives you more options that you can ask for. Customize the speed, colors, scenes, titles and much more. The onion skin option makes for easy video creation!

LEGO Instructions was one of my students favorite apps. You can dump a whole mess of LEGO's on the floor and they can walk themselves through creating any of thousands of creations. This step by step app will bring so much fun and joy into your classroom!