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Field Trip Zoom is a hidden gem among the internet content. This service allows you to take your classroom anywhere. In their words, "all you need in a webcam, projector and internet access". This service is a fantastic option for classrooms who are landlocked, or just want to expand their knowledge of the world. Field Trip Zoom offers hundreds of digital experiences across the globe. All of these experiences are designed by certified trainers and aligned to local, and national standards.

Field Trip Zoom offers two fantastic options for educators to interact with. They stream digital content live in to your classroom for students, and teachers to interact with. These environments provide real time, global connections with the resource. They also offer rooms. These rooms are great spaces to interact, and learn more from the experience. Field Trip Zoom does have a small fee. This is to establish and maintain quality resources that continue to grow across the globe. They do offer fantastic scholarship opportunities that schools can take advantage of.