There are far to many web tools available today to even begin to categorize and use them. By the time you finish your list, half of them will have either changed, or are not gone. In this post, I will outline some of the key elements of a flipped classroom and the tools that will fit into each of them the best (in my opinion).

1. LMS - Provided your district does not pay for one!!
Google Site - By far the most customizable tool you will use as a LMS but also, the hardest to manage. On a Google site, you can easily embed YouTube videos, Google Forms, Google Drive folders, and all manor of images. You can essentially create pages that hold learning playlists for you students and only share that page when the time is ready. Learn more on Google Sites here

Symbaloo - This webtool allows you to create a visual representation of internet links. You can layer the webmix's to customize how you would like material delivered. This is simple drag and drop type of creation and is very easy for students of all ages to use. Learn how to use it here

2. Engagement
YouTube Annotations - This under used tool that YouTube provides can create a multitude of check in's for your students. Layer on questions, links, or text on top of your YouTube videos to ensure the students are not dozing off. This also streamlines the path your students take to navigate the internet as they will click on a link after watching the video. How to create YouTube Annotations

3. Videos
YouTube - YouTube is an extremely under used tool in education. Teachers are not brave enough to post their own work on to it and when thinking about flipping their learning, think they have to reinvent the wheel. I am here to tell you "no!" Create playlists that have learning lessons for each subject or grade you teach. Capture live learning in your classroom and share it later. Use what is already great, in Kindergarten it was have fun teaching and storybots. 

Movenote - This tool allows you to show your face, while flipping through content you would like to overview. This tool fundamentally changed they education my ELL students received due to the fact that they can watch how I form words and sounds. Administrators should consider using this for morning announcements! See my example for I love to read month

4. Follow up
Google Forms - One of the easiest tools you can use to gather feedback on learning. Create custom questions of all types and cater it to your grade level. Customize your images, fonts, or layout. Link all of your forms to one "gradebook" for ease of navigation and organization. Use Flubaroo to create self grading assignments! The list goes on...

5. Access 
QR Codes - Just because you have a flipped classroom, you do not have to refuse the use of paper. Make a QR code and copy it onto a piece of homework for your students. or QRvoice are two amazing options you can use to create talking QR codes. I used them to ask students questions, read them directions, or just to challenge their thinking. Use them how you see fit!