What is #FF. This commonly used hashtag stands for Follow Friday. Some mention it as Follow Friends. Either definition is specific to Fridays. Educators used this to create interest in topics, people, or trends. This post will outline the basics you need to get you off the ground with your first #FF tweet.

How do you start?
Get started by signing into your free Twitter account. If you do not have one, you can get one here. Once you have your account, make sure that it is Friday. You can typically do that by looking at a nearby calendar, cellular phone, tablet or computer, or by asking a neighbor. Once you have established that it is the last day of the work week, you need to choose some people who are on Twitter.

Who do you choose?
To truly make an impact with your #FF tweet, make sure you choose impactful people. Check to see that they are people who's tweets you read and find them informative. Also check to see that they have many followers. More often than not #FF tweets are retweeted. This allows you handle to be spread over your followers, and their followers multiple times, increasing the chances of gaining new followers!

What else do you need?
Be sure to add the #FF hashtag. Other important hashtags include #edchat and #edtech. You are all educators and you are using #edtech if you are on Twitter so make sure your tweets get into these specific categories.

Try to post your first #FF tweet today mentioning everyone who you found impactful this week!