Technology is here and it holds an amazing amount of power that many educators do not see. It allows you to save time, consolidate tasks, and most of all, meet the needs of all learners. This post will outline my recommendations for how to structure and facilitate creation with technology in any classroom.

First of all lets go over structures. Teaching your students how to be self reliant is key. If you constantly answer the question "there is a pop up on my screen" or "what is my password" you will get nothing done. Provide your students with the tools they need to answer these questions on their own. You also need to teach them how to properly use the technology. This includes everything from how to properly carry devices, to the basics of how each app works. 

Let's get to the meat and potatoes, what do I do? Teach the content in the way you choose. When it comes to assessment, allow your students to choose an option below. Your students will be lost the first time you do something like this, but eventually, you will reap the benefits of how much more they learn and retain over time. You are providing your student choice, differentiation, and student voice all at once by replacing your traditional assessment with a task such as this. 
iPads are excellent tools to get you, and your students learning above the line. I am referring to the SAMR model of modification and redefinition. I believe that many teachers buck the idea of using iPads because low level technology tasks with iPads is not easy to do, especially if the iPad's are in a cart setting. Simply trying to substitute a traditional lesson with an iPad is difficult and many teachers do not find this worth their time. I am hoping that if you try just one of these scripts below, you will be hooked on them. 

Chromebooks are also excellent tools for learning. They provide quick, easy access to substitute your work in your classroom. You exchange the paper, pencil with a Google Doc and keyboard. There are some fantastic learning opportunities that occur with Chromebooks and the scripts in the folder below will walk you through just how to kick this off.