What does being future ready look like? How can we know if we are doing the right thing? These questions are things that I am asked a lot! Honestly, I do not know the answer. There are thousands of schools that are BETA testing their brand of future ready schools. Nobody knows which brand is the correct one. With the growth of technology and the changing world we live in, we will not be able to predict what this needs to look like until we are there. Those schools who are already testing these recipes will be further ahead and some of the lucky ones will have chosen correctly. For everyone else, we need to play catch up. Take a peek at what some technology companies predict the future classroom will look like and see if you are up to snuff! 

What cool ideas right!! Having schools that can interact in that way would fundamentally, and forever change education. Many teachers would watch these videos and say, "wow, that is cool, but it will never happen in my lifetime". I would answer "but won't it?"
Technology is an every growing thing. It has grown at an exponential rate and will only continue to sharpen its upward strike. According to this graph, the sharp incline truly began from 1950 on.

Some experts in education would argue that the chart looks like this, and that we are still on the far left side. We have not even begun to hit the upswing.

Regardless of which chart you base your beliefs on, you need to be doing something about it. Both charts indicate a high slope of growth. Does your professional learning and teaching practices reflect this growth as well?

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