Student portfolios are becoming very well known and sought after items. They loan themselves to hosting student led conferences and promoting self efficacy in older grades. It also provides an easy to access files of work, hopefully from Kindergarten up. 

I will first showcase the portfolios that I created in my Kindergarten classroom. I used Evernote and an IPEVO camera ($69). Here is the link to what the parents would access. I wanted you to see how it could look even though I did not use Google. Using Google is easier and more secure than using Evernote.

Here are the steps I recommend you take to set up something like this:
  1. Create a folder for each one of your students
    • Share this folder with the student and the parents with view only permissions!
  2. Help the students to move this folder into their drive
    • Click on incoming
    • Hover over the folder
    • You will see three options on the right, select add to my drive
  3. You can provide access to the folders via Schoology to ensure that all have access. *Be careful that your folder permissions are specific to the student, the parents, and you!
To upload student work
  • Use your iPad/iPhone
    • Click on the drive app
    • Select the folder for the specific student
    • Click on the plus sign on the top right
    • Select Use Camera 
    • Take a picture of the work
    • *Be sure to go to the next student's folder before taking a picture

  • Using your Andriod Phone
    • Click on the drive app
    • Select the foldre for the specific student
    • Click on the red plus
    • Select Scan
    • Take a picture of the work
When the school year is over. Change the permissions to include next years teacher (if you know) and remove yourself. If you will not know until the next school year, this would be a great back to school week activity.