Google Chrome is an internet browser that comes default with a Google Apps for Education account. This post will outline some of my favorite extensions for when I was teaching and for now.

I use this to create how-to videos or lessons for my students. It automatically backs up your files to Google Drive.

This is my sharing extension. Simply click once to share your page on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+.

Shorten Me
I use this to create QR codes and to create a short URL for anything. In a pinch in front of students, this is your life saver.

The QR Code Extension
I use this to scan any QR code with my laptop if I do not have my iPad with me. Great use with a Chomebook!

Pocket is my reading list. I bookmark articles, links, and Tweets through this to read at a later date.

New Tab Redirect
Instead of going to the google search page by default, I choose to go to the apps screen. This makes opening Docs, Sheets, Drive, or any other Google apps so much easier!

Eye Dropper
I use this alot when is comes to color scheming or web design. Grab colors from anywhere and get the RGB, HSL and the HEX codes to match your style