Google has some amazing products for educational use, but these tools can be hard to access for young students. This post will walk you through the method that I took to help ease this process in my classroom.

Below is the tactic that I took in my classroom to help my students quickly, and independently get their work done on Google. This is a note card that I would make for each student at the beginning of the year.

At the top is my last name and my room number. This allows these cards to be returned to me if we lose one in the hallway or in the lab. Below that is the name of the student.

On the bottom left is the students Google username and password. I always took on the phrase of grass on top and dirt on bottom. It was simple for my students to know and easy for them to repeat. They were coached on where these two elements are placed on websites.

I would use a QR code for my students to access their Google Drive because going through the Google Drive app required them to sign out, since we did not have 1 to 1 iPads. Taking this path saved me one step, and with Kindergarten students, every step counts.

The QR code was a link to a Folder in their Google Drive. Here is how I set it up.
  1. I created a folder in MY Google Drive and titled it " John Classwork"
  2. I shared the folder with the student and changed the permission to be: anyone with the link can EDIT
  3. I sat down with each student and moved their folder from incoming, in their drive, into THEIR drive
Before any lesson where we were using Google, I would put the document I wanted them to work on in their Google Drive folders. This helped me to manage the creation of the documents. Class time would begin with the students scanning the code, then entering in their credentials to access the folder. 

One great aspect of using this method is that if they are not editing the document, they do not need to sign in. Put combinations of these items in for digitized reading, math, or science lessons.
  • Put in PDF articles to be read
  • Put images to look through
  • Put in videos
  • Put in mp3's