Google Docs has some features that allows you to make note-taking and general organization, extremely simple. These features are probably some that you have used but not in this type of setting. The root of the reason for the change is that setting up your notes in this manner allows you to share years worth of notes with one click and quickly navigate to the material you need within this document. This post will outline the methods that I use to take notes through Google Docs. 

First, you need to create a document that will house all of the notes.
  • Format the date the way that you so choose: "April 4, 2015" "04/04/2015"
  • Highlight the date
  • On the Google Docs toolbar, change the text type from Normal Text to Heading 1
  • Now feel free to enter in the notes for that date below it

  • At the top of your document, click on insert and choose Table of Contents. As you continue to build your notes, your table will grow and will link to the given date. 

  • This example is for creating a Glossary in Google Docs
  • Insert or type your story into the Google Document
  • Create a page for your definitions, use the shortcut Ctrl+enter to make a page break
  • Insert your definitions and format them the way that you so choose
  • For each word, highlight the word, then click on Insert, then choose Bookmark

  • In your reading passage, highlight that same vocabulary word
  • Click on insert hyperlink  
  • Bookmarks will be an option in this section, choose the correct word
  • This allows the user to click on the word, within the reading passage, and be directed to the definition