Recently, I have been playing around with some interesting linking abilities with Google Docs. These shortcuts save headaches and most importantly time when using Google Docs in your classroom. The beauty of these shortcuts is that they are applicable in and out of a  1 to 1 environment.

How do you get started?
  • Create a Google Doc (these are applicable to Presentations, and Spreadsheets also!)
    • This can vary from a worksheet, note sheets, behavior forms...
  • When you have finished your Google Doc, look at the link in your Omnibox (the url bar)
    • ex. ""
  • The area you need to focus on is highlighted red
  • Currently, this link will take you to the edit screen, requiring you to have sharing permissions and be signed in.
  • This ending can be changed!!

What are the endings?
All you need to do is replace the red "edit" above with one of the following:
  • copy
    • This ending creates a link that will prompt the user to create a copy
  • export?format=pdf
    • This ending is a MUST for iPads. It will open, convert to .pdf, and download the document!!!! Students do not need to sign anymore and you can open the .pdf in Notability, Schoology, Skitch, or any other creation app directly.

How do you share when you changed the ending?
  • Copy the updated url from the Omnibox
  • Go to
  • Paste the URL into the bar and click on Shorten URL
  • You can now paste the shortened URL on Schoology, or onto a worksheet, or where ever you need it.
  • You can get a QR code of this URL by click on details. Copy and paste the QR code where you need it also.

Use these endings to share Docs with your students like never before. Creating copies within drive will never happen again. If you use iPads with Notability, use the export?format=pdf. It skips the student sign in, the download, and jumps you right into the open in... screen!!!