Education today is changing and we need to match this mode. Classrooms today cannot rely solely on paper and pencil work, this is not the world we live in now and will certainly not be in the future. We need to have fluid, flexible classrooms that scaffold technology skills on a daily basis. This post will outline how I took advantage of Google to create guided reading groups. It will also provide you the opportunity to copy any of my resources. 

First and foremost, I want to share my resources. This sheet contains over 60,000 free books that are accessible on any device. There are also thousands of read alouds, audio books, or just video clips to supplement this resource. Activity ideas are sprinkled at the bottom to provide you another change up in your classroom. This page is a one stop shop for everything you will need to create this structure in your classroom.

Next is the display sheet. This page allows me to project up this page, and have each group know exactly what, and how to do their work for the day. This page is flexible and changes daily based on tasks. The clear structure allows students to work from top to bottom on any device. 

Last but not least is the planning document. This is a critical element of this structure as it will ensure that you are varying your activities and lessons, while teaching all of the content needed. 

This format for reading will save you time, and teach future ready skills to all students. Feel free to reach out with any questions or support desired! I have ran full and half day sessions on this topic and love to share what I have learned with this process!