I have been working with a group of teachers on an easy way to create QR codes and Short URL's at the same time. I know that there are some great extensions available for chrome that do these things, but not both at the same time. The goal of this would be to have the teacher input the long URL they would like to use, and have it come out as a notecard. This way, the teacher can print off the notecards, and give them to students to work with. It does not matter the device that the student it using because the short URL is easy to type in on a Chomebook, and the QR code is instantly scanned on an iPad.


Here is the link for the template. Feel free to make a copy for yourself. This fantastic workflow tool takes the place of two or three different chrome extensions. I would recommend you keep these extensions so that you can use them on the fly, but this sheet does double the work, in half the time.