Google Forms in your classroom are great tools to use for assessments. They are easy to make, and quick to deliver. The information from these sheets is output in a Google Sheet, sometimes making the data analysis easier. You can use add on's such as Flubaroo to create auto grading assignments or use conditional formatting to visualize your students' success. Google recently updated this feature and I will highlight it in this post.

How do you get there?
First, you need to set up your Google Form. When that is finished, you will have a responses spreadsheet automatically generate. Here is where you will set up your conditional formats. At the top of each column, you will see the question. Click on the letter of the column to highlight the entire thing. Now click on Format, then choose conditional formatting. It will open a new window to your right where you can create your rules. Click on create a new rule and your off! Choose the color and the rule and your done. 

What can you set up?
With this new update, many more options opened up. The most commonly used formatting suggestions would be to color the cell if it is empty (students did not answer a question), or if the text is exactly (this allows you to be very specific). Choosing if the text contains will highlight if any of the words match in the cell so choose carefully if you have lengthy responses.

What does it look like?
This example is from an MCA prep task that was created. The correct answers were to be highlighted green while the incorrect remained white. Teachers can analyze trends and provide individual instruction based on this data. You can choose the visualize the answers, however you like, but do not spend too much time with the colors. The data is more important that how pretty it looks.