This topic is one that has always had my interest. With our world becoming more and more disposable, we need to ensure the future of our planet. These ideas, and concerns need to be transferred into our students' heads so they can have their pulse on this topic.

Great Pacific Garbage Patch
If you have never heard of this, here is a little background. All of the trash that is dumped into rivers, lakes, oceans, or anywhere near water all makes its way into oceans. The forces of currents in the ocean drives this trash into certain areas to accumulate. This accumulation has built up to the point where there is an island 270,000 miles (about the size of Texas) and varies in depth from 1 meter to 8 meters. 

Green Energy Strides in our World
  • Denmark generates 39.1% of its electricity needs from a renewable source, mostly wind energy
  • Germany generates over 26% of its electricity needs from a renewable source, mostly wind energy
  • Scotland set a record by producing 164% of its electrical needs in the month of December last year!
  • Ireland set a pace to reach 27% of its electrical needs from a renewable source
  • Costa Rica continues to be a trend setting producing 90% of its needs from a renewable source
Green Energy Strides in Schools
Philanthropic lighting is being created in Preston Middle School in Fort Collins, CO. The lighting is being printed in the school with their 3D printer. It is designed to absorb light all day and provide 150% more lighting at night. This extra lighting is providing over 2 additional hours of light each night. These lights are being implemented in homes in Africa, where little to no electricity is provided. These hours of light are dramatically changing the life of these villages!

This topic can be implemented into any and all subjects. Use these ideas as a base to which you align standards, build project based learning units around, and student concentration. Aligning your classroom around these ideas can and will create a sense of urgency with your students. Provide them with tools to solve these issues and they will truly do great things!