Innovation is a cornerstone for todays top educators. Innovators are the movers and shakers for any building and they aim and guide their staff to be future ready. All of us strive to have these educators around us and some strive to be these educators. This post will outline some of my recommendations to either share or guide you to become an innovator.
  • Get Connected
    • There is a global network of innovators sharing their brilliant ideas 24/7. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instgram are their channels. Start by first exploring some of the accounts or hashtags. Find those Moonshot ideas and make them your reality. Once you are established on these networks, share! Share your successes, your failures, and your ideas. 
  • Adopt a New Mindset
    • Mindset is one of the most critical elements to any shift you are making. Without changing the lens from which you look will prevent you from the majority of the learning that needs to take place. Open your mind to new, possibly uncomfortable things. 
  • Jump Into the Deep End
    • Dipping your toes into the pool of innovation is not enough. You need to jump all in. Obviously you need permission first, but once that is granted, jump in! Use the lifeguards (specialists) around you to support you if you need it. I will tell you from experience that not every day will be amazing and you will
  • Stop holding it off
    • I hear time and time again that we need to guide 21st century learning to reach 21st century students. This can be frustrating to me that we are still not there. It is 2015, we have been in the 21st century for 15 years! We should be teaching these skills to these students already, but we are still not there. The excuses are inexcusable at this point, making a change is necessary!