The 21st century classroom is something that we all strive for. Students who are highly engaged while completing digitally rich lessons is a dream come true. Workflow is a large component of transitioning to the 21st century. This post will outline some of the tricks that you can use to help increase your classroom workflow to kick start your 21st century classroom.

Below are a few of the "hotspots" you can begin to target in your classroom. 

In my classroom, I used a break menu to facilitate this. I had a couple of posters that were around the room for kids to navigate to. Below is an example of what the kids would see. 
 Break Menu

Here is an example of what it would look like. I chose to organize it by table so each group could get material that was at their level. Another great idea would be to organize it into a Bingo board and see if students can get Bingo, have a different game each month (Jan-4 corners | Feb-diagonal | March - Blackout)

Classwork/Homework (non-graded)
All too often you spend time correcting students' assignments. You play the switch with your neighbor or you take your prep time to do this. Here is a solution that you can take to help keep your teaching time. 
  • Create a Google Drive folder, making the permissions, anyone with the link can view. 
  • Make a QR code of this folder link. 
  • On EVERY homework assignment/worksheet, print this QR code on it. 
Since the students now have access, you can give them the power to check their work. At the end of the week, or every night, put a copy of the answer key into this folder. You are putting the responsibility of work checking and teaching them self efficacy. Offer time to answer questions at the beginning of class, but don't spend class time correcting assignments. Another useful tool that compliments this is to place a Google Form in this folder as well. This way students can ask the questions they have immediately, and provides you a structure to re-teach from if need be.

This is a two part option and both are needed to be successful.

PT. 1
Record your lessons! There are multiple way to do this and all are great. All you need is a microphone to record your voice or the students' voice during the lesson.
  • Use the SMART notebook recording option
  • Use the Screencastify Chrome extension
  • Use an app like Educreations, Showme, or Screenchomp (these work, but are not my top recommendation)

PT. 2
Provide access to these recorded lessons. Everyone who has a Google account, has a YouTube account. Take advantage of this option by uploading your recordings to YouTube and linking the material back to Schoology or right onto specific worksheets via QR code to be the most effective!!

Linking Activities
I became an expert at this while teaching Kindergarten as you can never have more than a minute of "between time" or you will loose control. After the lesson was done, provide a re-teach activity, pre-teach activity, or for fun activity. Often, I would put a link to these activites on the worksheet or table before the lesson took place to give a clear direction to take when they are finished. Below are some examples of activities:
  • Padlet collaborative conversation
  • Flockdraw collaborative drawing
  • Infographic
  • Schoology Discussion Board question
  • Pear Deck sign up/log in
  • Kahoot sign up/log in
  • Google Form for feedback or a quiz