Infographics have quickly become the mode for teachers to start inquiry, and interest in lessons. Students need only have the ability to read the poster and have their eyes open! This post will outline three of my favorite posters creating tools for you to use to create your own inforgraphics along with a website where you can find the best infographics on the web.

Recently over went the update from BETA! This tool allows you to use pre-made templates to enter in your information giving the user control over the look and feel from the get go. This tool is extremely easy to use with the only real work being your ability to change text and images.

This tool is a drag and drop poster creator. Inserting images, videos, and google products works amazingly. There are a few styles to choose from but it is a very flexible tool for all to use. The posters may not come out as "pretty" as they would on but the ease of use makes up for it.

This tools is another drag and drop poster creator and more. Create your custom graphic of all shapes and sizes. Many of Canva's images cost money but you can use their website to create your own fairly easily. Uploading and adding information to this is very simple and makes for some cool new designs.

I would recommend you go to Daily Infographic to check out on what is new and what is already there! I have found many useful infographics on this website and I know you will also.