Safari is apples web browser. Many people underestimate the power found here and the capabilities of this tool. This post will outline some basic information for you to help navigate and use in your classroom.

First is the reader option. This icon will appear in the Omnibox if the item you are looking at can be opened as an article. Opening an article as a reader allows you to remove all of the extra junk around it and focus in on the text. You also have the option of reading it with larger size or smaller size if you choose. 

While you are in the reader option, you can share this article in many ways. The best way, in my opinion, is through mail. This allows you to capture the entire article, including images, and archive it in the email for offline use. This comes in handy when asking students to read something for homework. 

This is what the email would preview like:

Watch this video to see how it looks.