The iPad comes with some great accessibility options that will help you students to learn more from them and also help you to get them where they need to be. This post will highlight a couple of these options for you!

  • Assistive Touch
  • This great tool allows you to show exactly where you would like your students to click. It helps them to visualize what is happening while lessening your headaches.

  • Speak Screen
    • This option lets you swipe down with two fingers from the top of any page and have the entire page read to you! You can pause, speed up, slow down, fast forward, or rewind!
  • Speak Selection
    • This option allows you to highlight a word and have it read aloud to you. Super helpful for large words or for vocabulary building!
  • Dictionary
    • This option allows you to click on define after you have highlighted a word and have if defined for you via the iPad's dictionary. Try it today!
If you need more help, watch this video below for a demonstration: