The Pages app is apple's word processing app. This option is a great alternative for word processing on these devices. The formatting is very friendly and more customizable than Google docs, *note* I am not choosing favorites, I am stating that English teachers prefer the pages app vs the docs app.

  • Insert Tools
    • Pages comes with great options to insert shapes, charts, graphs, images, and even videos. The options are extremely customizable to where you can take a video on the spot and have it drop right into the pages document you created.
  • Sharing
    • Pages comes with 4 options for sharing your document.
      • Pages - Same look and feel for your students
      • PDF - Editable through Notability or Skitch
      • Word - Well understood platform
      • ePub - iBooks file type
    • It also allows you to take any of these formats and share them through another app. Having this flexibility allows you to utilize cloud storage and sharing options to your advantage!
  • Create iBooks
    • Having this option makes pages an excellent content creation tool. Be sure you follow the steps outlined below to ensure you are sharing properly:
      • Click on Share
      • Click on Open in Another App
      • Click on ePub
      • Click on Advanced
      • Turn off iBooks Compatability
      • Navigate back to your share screen and choose the app you would like to use.
  • Templates

To see how this app works, check out this video: