iBooks provides the user the ability to read, high\light, notate, and organize their learning through a unique, interactive platform. iBooks can be downloaded from the internet and can easily be created through the pages app on your iPad. This post will outline the process needed to produce an iBook from the pages app and some of the features found within this app.

  • Highlight and Notes
    • Students and teachers have the ability to highlight, define, speak, or copy text within iBooks. Insert notes and quickly access them through the bookmark option!
  • Compatibility and Interactivity
    • iBooks work excellently on the iPad carrying over videos, images, interactive links, shapes, charts, and graphs. Change the way your curriculum runs from a boring static textbook to an interactive learning module.
  • Easy storage and Distribution
    • You have Dropbox, iTunes U, Google Drive, and Schoology available to store your iBooks on. If your district uses Edmodo or Google Classroom or another LMS, you will have similar option.

Check out this video to watch a quick demo of how iBooks works: