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Lecture Racing is a small Russian company aimed at engaging students. The cost of Lecture Racing is just $18 per year, making it a very cost effective learning tool for any classroom. 

If you are a PearDeck  user, this is essentially the same thing. It takes an existing presentation, and allows you to present it in a Kahoot! type of style. Unlike PearDeck, there are not interactive tools. You do not have the ability to have a dragable slide or a freehand drawing. This does still show your screen on each students device, allowing your presentation to be mobile, and individual. 

Here are the steps to creating your presentation using Lecture Racing
  • Download the app for both students and teachers
  • Upload the presentation
  • Enter the PIN
  • Create a Quiz
  • Take the Quiz
  • Check the Answers as a class
  • View the Results
  • Rate the presentation