is a tool that will convert Google Documents strait into ePub files. Why is this important, because ePub files are compatible and openable in iBooks on your iPads. So, with this tool, you are able to create a version usable on Chromebooks (Google Docs), and a version usable on iPads (ePub). On top of that, they will be exactly the same! 

This tool is available as a Google Drive add-on which makes using it as simple as one click. If you have already been on, you have the option use this tool as an add-on for Google Drive. You just need to provide it permissions to access your files.

Once you have given it permissions, you can make the magic happen. Click on the document you would like to convert. Click on More Actions, then Open With, then!

From here you can title the document, add a cover photo, then download your ePub. Once you have the file, you can upload it to schoology, or your LMS for students to download.