Literacy Centers are present in many classrooms and these simple change up's will help increase engagement, peak interest, provide differentiation, and teach 21st century skills. Books and worksheets are typical activities found during this time. I am not advocating that these be removed, but simply changed up now and again. Students will love the switch and you are guaranteed to deal with less discipline issues with the increased engagement. 

This cool tool is basically a blank post it bulletin board. Your imagination can run wild with this tool! Text, videos, links, snapshots, and images can be easily embedded into it. Since it comes as a chrome app and a chrome extension, there is unlimited potential for classroom use. See some examples below:

Replace an entire lesson within this site

QR Codes
Many teachers underestimate the power of these tools. QR codes are not hard to make and promise to save time and headaches while navigating the internet. 

QR Code Auto Generator - Type text into the first column to make text based QR codes
        Text based QR codes for spelling lists, passages, directions, numbers...

Show Me
Show Me is a great app for many uses with or without 1 to 1 iPads. With 1 to 1 iPads, the teacher can push out pre-made worksheets or backgrounds for work time. Without 1 to 1, teachers can have students draw out simple templates for work time to digitize lessons in seconds.

iManipulate - Outlines the use of Show Me

This could also be done through other drawing or annotating apps such as Skitch, Educreations, Doceri, or Screenchomp.

Audio Recordings is an app and a website that will record, and publish your audio recording right within the website. Students who navigate to the link will be provided only the audio recording in a simple to use interface. Use Audio Recording to:

Deliver Directions - You can be in two places as once!
Create Interest 
Explain Content
Mentor Students Outside of School