My previous post on Literacy Center Change Ups was so popular, I decided to expand on it! These simple change up's will help increase engagement, peak interest, provide differentiation, and teach 21st century skills

Open Mic
Choose reading passages or fluency work
Students must practice their work (x) times, then they can sign up to read into the mic
Use to record their reading
Post the recording to Schoology

Puppet Pals / Telegami / iMovie
Have students re-teach a concept, a lesson, or retell a story
Record this using the Puppet Pals, iMovie or Telegami app
Post the video to Schoology

Global Google Form
Create a form for your students for assessment VS a paper test
Share this form through social media (I can help)
Compare your data with that of participants outside of PLSAS
Get fancy and input the data on My Maps Pro
Post the link to Schoology

Google Forms
Create a generic form asking two or three questions
What is your name?
What did you read today?
What did you learn today?
Create a schedule so each student fills out this form on a regular basis
The spreadsheet you get out of this is a reading log you can track and show parents!

Use this for any subject! Social Studies EX. Create your own state
Have students draw a state
Take a picture of the state in the ThinkLink app
Record the student giving a message to the states people as if they were the governor and upload it to YouTube
Overlay this link onto the picture of their state
Have them draw three more features and overlay them onto their state to create an interactive image
Post the images to Schoology

This website gives you the opportunity to create digital flashcards
Create custom decks for each subject, include images
Integrates with Google
Post resources to Schoology

Google Drive
Create a folder called Literacy Center Work
Change the permissions to be Public, Anyone with the link can view
Create a QR code to this folder
Put PDF’s, audio recordings, or readings in this folder
Students scan the QR code, then they can open the PDF worksheets or readings and get to it (paperless)

SMART Board Games
Here are some links to a warehouse of fun, educational games that work on your SMART Board

Write About This
This cool app gives you prompts for your little readers to be inspired by
Simple user interface with login options to record journals over time
For PreK-1 kiddos, there is a talk about this app as well

Use Headings
Google Docs provides a linking option within the document to create an ongoing set of posts
Either create bookmarks within the document or change the text type to a heading to create a link
Embed a table of contents at the top to create your on-going document
Use this for daily journaling or ongoing comprehension checks

Create a mind map of a concept or visualize a topic
Use for all subjects
Export the image and upload it to Schoology

Lego Movie Maker
Use Legos to teach about what you know
This is a stop motion animation app that students will love
Create claymation, Lego animation or your own type of visualization of any educational topic
Upload the video to YouTube or post it to Schoology

Have students teach a concept using this tool, make them the teacher for a lesson
Recording can stop and pause if needed
Upload the video when you are done and post it to Schoology