Google Chrome is an amazing tool that allows you do almost anything. But how do you take advantage of the little things like timers, conversions, or looking up a definition? This post will show you ways to use Google Chrome to save time and enhance learning!

First things first, the lingo. That box at the top of your screen, the one that is filled with "" that is called an Omnibox. When you are in Google Chrome, you can enter anything into the Onmibox, just like you can in a Google search, and you will get the results! 

Other cool things to enter into the Omnibox include: Roll a Dice, Flip a Coin, 1 minute Timer (or any time), enter in conversions as a math formula, or click on the microphone for Voice Search for spelling and grammar. 

Now onto the fancy stuff. If you were overwhelmed before, stop and be done! It's OK, nobody will judge you!

Below is a step by step guide to create one step shortcuts that truly make your classroom faster!
  • Open your Chrome browser
  • Customize and control Google Chrome

  • Click on Settings
  • Click on Manage Search Engines

  • Change the middle column to match your ideal shortcut, the shorter the better. Now all of your highly used links are one letter away!

So now that you have seen the easy stuff, we can begin the Omnibox takeover!
  • Keep one tab open to your Manage Search Engines page within settings. In the second tab, open
  • Right click in the search bar of and select “add as search engine…”

  • A new window will open, copy and URL only and click on cancel

  • Go back to your first tab that has Manage Search Engines opened
  • Go to add a new search engine at the bottom

  • Enter in the name of the engine, the shortcut keys, and paste the URL into it
  • That is all you do. Repeat this process for other searches such as YouTube, Yahoo, Ask… You do not need to make one for Google as that is the default search within your omnibox.
  • This is what it should look like if it is done correctly