Mixmax has taken over my gmail world. This new extension transforms your mail from communication, to collaboration. Previously, I had three chome extensions that I would use to complete the same work that this one extension is capable of doing. This post will highlight some of the capabilities of this tool.

The features listed above are but a mere peek into this tool. The ease of flow and variety of tools makes this second to none. Your compose menu transforms into a polling, presentation sharing, creative mecca for you to manipulate. While typing your email, you can use "/" coding to insert over 35 different widgets. These include:
  • Twitter feeds
  • Live Websites
  • Presentations
  • Calendar invitations
  • Send later options
  • Automatic Template creation
  • Link previews
  • Syncing with Dropbox, Twitter, SMS, Google Calendar and more...

Check out Mixmax today! You will LOVE it!