The 21st century marks a new revolution is thinking and problem solving. Access to resources and global connections are just a click away. Students and teachers take advantage of this every day by re-framing their mode of thinking, and challenging the world around them. This post will outline a mentality that you can adapt for your students.

Classroom Inspiration 

Solve For X is a website that has been stemmed off of the Moonshot Thinking video. Here scientists, inventors, engineers, artists, thinkers, doers, the young, the wise, men and women from every background across every geography connected by a shared optimism that science and technology can cause radically positive things to happen in the world. This website includes multiple Moonshots that create radical solutions to huge problems.

Solve For X is an amazing opportunity to put a spark into your students thinking. Use it to create your own solutions to the problems. Develop a plan to implement your solution or create a Moonshot of your own for your grade or building to solve. Reach out to the experts on this website for collaboration opportunities. Incorporate maker spaces to make the solutions real or host a Solve For X event. Build units and standards around these problems to use your class time effectively.

Although these ideas are fairly advanced, the thought process can be transfered to any age. All of the Moonshots are based on real world problems. Find real world problems that are interesting and pertinent to your students. Question their thinking process and contest their justifications. Make your students think about why and how rather than what and who. Foundational change their educational development by forcing them to "make" a difference. Create Moonshot thinkers in your classroom!