My Maps has gone through some great upgrades to make it a one stop shop for anyone who is working with locations in any way shape or form. Manipulate your information to be displayed in ways that have never been done before. Play a simple get to know you game by asking them to fill out a form on where their favorite vacation was then input the information into this for them all to see.

Go to My Maps Pro

Choose one of the two options pictured below

  • My Maps comes with come cool tools

  • Search Bar
  • Undo and Redo
  • Moving tool (hand)
  • Add a Marker (point)
  • Draw a Line
  • Add Directions
  • Measure Distances and Areas

Arguably the best feature is the Import option

Google Spreadsheets can be input directly into maps if they have a geographic location as one of the fields
Choose the spreadsheet that has your Google Form information

  • You will be asked to select a second field, it doesn't have to be the location
  • Once your information is input, you can change the Style which modifies your locations based on the other information in the spreadsheet.

    • Add Labels to see text next to your locations (again based on your spreadsheet of information)

When you are finished you can export this in a couple of cool ways.
  • Saving it will make a new map in your Google Drive
  • Embedding it on your website will give you an iFrame script to paste an interactive map onto your website!
  • Printing your map gives you a full page view of your creation.