Social networking is a phenomena that has taken over this era. People are connecting in more ways that ever before. With all this connecting, what are people sharing? 

Regardless of what is shared or how it is shared, there are some basic things that I feel, we should all share. These three thoughts are and should be different for every person and should reflect you as a person and as an educator. Here they are:

People want to hear the failures! - A failure is the right answer, but do a different question! More often than not, we share what is good about our lessons or our classrooms, but is this really making your classroom better? Is it helping us to reflect on our teaching enough to make improvements on our instruction in a way that we can help others to better their teaching? Sometimes not! Reflecting on the negatives is an important step in the improvement process of anything we do in our lives. I recommend you share these with your PLN to help everyone get better!

People want to hear your opinions! - Everyone on social networks is guilty of not sharing these, (especially in Minnesota). I don't like to read through my feed and see generic, vending machine answers to questions. That is boring and not something I get excited about. I want to hear your passion, the fire you have inside of you about a subject, or lesson, or activity! Let out those feelings, in a respectful manner, on social networks.

People want to hear your inspirations! - I think this is universal for everyone. We are all searching for new inspirations to help excite us to come to school the next day. As Murray Banks states "It's Showtime". We should all feel this way when we walk into your classrooms for the day. Sharing these adrenaline packed inspirations with your PLN will help to share the excitement and innovation!