iPads are a powerful educational tool. The use of them in a 1 to 1 environment is next to none when aiming to create a 21st century, technology rich classroom. With that being said, iPads do not lose their value outside of this environment! This post will outline ways that you can still benefit from having classroom iPads, even though you are not 1 to 1.

This post is written under the premise that you have 1 or more iPads that STAY in your classroom. I do NOT recommend you do any of these from cart iPads! Each of these recommendations, compliments one another. If you want to truly make a difference, make ALL of the following changes!

Log In!
Log into Schoology on your classroom iPads. Students can have anytime access to the resources you have on your LMS if you remain signed in. Teach your students the proper ways of communicating in your digital classroom with the understanding that administrators, teachers, parents, and peers can see what is going on! Good digital citizenship skills can start at any age!!

Auto Backup Notability
Notability is an amazing app, but it can get even better. Set up all of your classroom iPads to back up their notes in your Google Drive. This way, any student doing a worksheet on Notability does not have to Airdrop, or email the worksheet to you. They can just let it auto backup. If you signed into Schoology (as recommended above) your students can turn in the assignment via Schoology also. Video on how to backup Notability.

URL Endings
This is no joke and will make the BIGGEST impact in your classroom!! Get in the habit of creating worksheets in Google Docs then follow these steps to share!
  1. Create the document
  2. Replace (edit) the end of the link with (export?format=pdf)
  3. Copy the updated url from the Omnibox
    • https://docs.google.com/document/d/1mnG6jno1KV4U/export?format=pdf
  4. Go to Goo.gl
  5. Paste the URL into the bar and click on Shorten URL
  6. Get the QR code of this URL by clicking on details, then right clicking on the code
This changes the process from a 7 step process to just 2!! Students will scan the QR code, the click Open in Notability (or skitch...).

Connect Google Drive
Apps such as Skitch and Show Me have the option of connecting with Google Drive. Do this as a teacher allowing the students to pull templates and submit work. Manage this sharing by creating specific folders for each app and checking your Google Drive often.

Use YouTube Capture
This YouTube app is specifically designed to get your videos straight from real life, to YouTube as fast as possible. Sign into this app beforehand and use it to capture learning as it happens. Allow your students to use it if they are responsible enough.