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Before I start on this post, I have to give credit to Ben Tressel. He was the inspiration for my words here. This post, along with many of the posts I write, does not focus on technology alone. A HUGE part of being a sound integrator of technology is best practices you make routine. It is about the fundamental shifts you make in your daily practice, not the fancy tool you use once or twice. This post will highlight this mindset and how you can change yours.

All educators have full plates. I know this as a specialist and I knew it as a teacher. There is no getting around this fact. We have, and will always have, many things to juggle, prioritize, and deliver. You may read this and say; "well, here is one more thing we have to do" or "here comes the sales pitch" or think "it is just one more thing to add onto my plate". The answer is yes, there is one more thing you have to do, but you will not be adding it to your plate. I want to give you a new plate.

Future ready skills cannot be something you grab and add to what you are doing. Future ready skills are the foundational skills that drive todays best practices into your daily teaching routines. It is a pedagogical shift in the education you deliver each day. They form the plate that teachers for tomorrow use to carry everything else on. So, where do I pick up one of these plates? How can I get started?
  1. Ask for help! - I know this is a HUGE obstacle for many people, but it is the most important. Out of the thousands of teachers I have led and worked with, very few could do this alone. Use your team, your supports, and your networks to grow together!
  2. Come to Reality - It is time to stop ignoring it. It is time to be done with excuses. It is time for action. Our world will not regress, it will only continue to change and innovate. If you are not making strides of change, you are only falling further behind.
  3. Start Small, But Big - Start by doing little things, with the mindset of ramping up the intensity over time. Think of exponential growth charts, they should be the growth chart that marks your progress. Do one thing a month, then two, the one thing a week...
  4. Stay Encouraged - I know that when I was going through these changes that it felt uncomfortable, and at times, wrong. Lean on the experts and trust their direction. 
  5. Finish the Recipe - It takes many ingredients to make a future ready classroom. Missing some of them may result in discouragement, or failure in the process. Stay well rounded.

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