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These three apps are potentially the largest overlooked apps for educators. For the majority of teachers, the iPad only holds power if there is an app that is for their specific subject, and content that they want to deliver. This is wrong!! The power in the iPad is creation. This post will walk through the apps above and showcase some next steps.


Pages is Apples word processor. This app boasts some fairly robust options and can combo with pages on a computer to be even better. With Pages, you can:
  • Embed photos, videos, and keynote files
  • Create iBooks
  • Share though many platforms (PDF, Word, Pages, and ePub)
  • Set Passwords to protect your work


Numbers is Apples spreadsheet app. This program offers far more than teachers know. The cell formatting allows you to tie a set of data into it, creating a pull down menu for you, or students to use. With Numbers, you can:
  • Create similar documents as in Pages
  • Set Passwords to protect your work
  • Share as PDF, Numbers, Excel, or CSV
  • Embed Pages, Keynote, Photos, and Videos


Keynote is Apples presentation app. This app is a great resource for students and is an EXCELLENT change up from Google Slides. With Keynote, you can:
  • Create presentations
  • Use special presentation tools
  • Remote control your prez with your iPad/iPhone

These apps are excellent on their own, but the true power with them is how they interact with each other. Creating pieces in each of them, then merge them to create a project. Allow the students to choose between the three to make something and give them the freedom to be themselves. Not only will they enjoy this, but they will most likely remember this for the rest of their educational career.