This wonderful app has taken a foothold in the way that I create content on an iPad. This FREE app just overwent an update that makes it even more versatile. For those who are not familiar with this app, I will highlight some of its new and existing features along with some ideas that I use this app for.

  • Stream - This allows you to follow like users and see their drawings or lists *NEW
  • Text - Now their is a button that you can click to insert text right into any drawing *NEW
  • List - Once you have text, slide the row to the right to make it a bullet *NEW
  • Undo - Rather than circling your fingers, you can click the back arrow. Much easier *NEW
  • Drawing - Color Mixing, Paint brush, Marker, Pen, Calligraphic Pen, Pencil
  • Tools - Scissors, Ruler, Eraser, and Roll Brush
  • Create and Check off Lists
  • Make an Idea Bank
  • Share your Stream with Colleagues to share ideas
  • Implement this in creative writing time
  • Use for Visualization exercises
  • Make it a cornerstone when you App Smash

This app is an extremely versatile painting app which makes it worth it at that point. Another great reason why this takes center stage in my world is that you can hide the tool bar allowing you to take screen shots with just the drawing you created. This makes app smashing much easier as their is no longer cropping to do to your images before you place them in something new.