As of May 14th, Pear Deck has a new update! They now provide the option to have website slides embedded right within the students page. The website will still have the interactivity that is embedded in the website while allowing the students to stay in the presentation. This post will share some great ideas of what websites would be great additions to your Pear Deck presentations.

This feature makes streamlining your lessons so much easier. You can now use Pear Deck to host an entire lesson rather than as a presentation tool. Embed websites for collaborative group work and transition the group as a whole. You need not use timers, as when you flip the slide, the class slides flip! You can build a lesson from beginning to end and channel it all through Pear Deck!! 

Great Websites to Embed:
Use any tool that would help you to provide a kick-off to your next activity. Channel your workflow today!